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Eliminate Electric Bills Now!

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On your right are solar PV panels use to produce electricity from the sun. There's no time like today to go solar. Financial incentives are available to both residential homes and commercial buildings. There are huge advantages to save money on your electric bills by installing clean, solar electric systems. The sooner you apply, the more money you will save. Please contact us immediately to learn how you can secure the greatest total incentive for your solar system today.

Assembly Bill 811[1] (AB 811)
, is an environmental law in California, signed into law by Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger on July 21, 2008. AB 811 was authored by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine which gives home owners and commercial building owners the capability to be able to finance the installation of energy efficiency improvements and distributed generation, renewable energy sources that are permanently fixed to real property within the City with low interest loans which can be repaid up to years on property taxes.

California is one of several states now offering cash rebates to homeowners and building owners who install electric systems on the properties. These cash rebates will cover up to 30% of the upfront cost of the system which will be mailed by check upon completion of the system installation.

Federal Tax credit is in addition to the state rebate which will be equal to 30% of the installed cost which is a one time federal tax credit available to every homeowner who installs a solar system. This credit is applied on the year system was installed and can be carried forward to the next year if your tax liability is not enough in the first year.

The remaining amount will be finance at a low interest rate loan of 7% amortized over 20 years from the City attached to your property that resides within that City's limits and to be paid every six months along with your County property tax payments. The loan is earmarked only for and covers most energy efficient and renewable energies available to the public and requires no credit checks and can pass to new owners of the property without future credit checks.

What are the advantages of going Solar?

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider going solar not only because you can save or completely eliminate your electric bill but and on top of that you can help stop the ever increasing global warming problems by installing a solar system on your home today. You will have problems on the ever increasing utility rate hike every now and then. The system will increase the value of the homes without increasing the property taxes. You can generate your own clean power and reduce personal carbon footprints and be able to fight global warming. You can help America's dependence on foreign oil. Most of all you can enjoy continuous reliable energy because PV systems have no moving parts and is designed to last for 40 years and have a 25-year warranty.

How does Solar Electric Power works?

Solar is a very simple technology and there are no moving parts. The energy source comes directly from the sun - very reliable, available everywhere and its FREE. The solar electric system is made of photovoltaic (PV) panels. These panels are made of PV cells consist of a positive and negative slices of silicon placed under a thin slice of glass. One end of the PV panels is connected to the Utility Grid tied system. During the day when the sun is shining the photovoltaic panels generate direct current (DC) current which is connected to an inverter which convert it into an alternating current (AC) that is used in our homes to power any electrical items. During the day most homes are not using electricity, some of the electricity that is generated is stored on a storage bank and some of the excess electricity is fed back to the Utility grid and your meter will run backward which serves as a credit to you. During the night that's when a lot of homes use electricity and your meter spins forward. It is at this time that homeowners can save on the electricity bill because the electric company credits you the amount that was fed back to the grid or this will in turn totally eliminate your electric bill for the life of the system.

There are 5 simple steps to apply for solar.

1. Contact us at (951) 241-0205 to request a FREE home visit. We will get your name, home address and telephone number and will arrange for an authorized Solar Installer to visit you and find out what your solar needs are.

2. Your authorized Solar Installer will need your past 1 year's electricity bills, analyze it and will recommend the solar system that best meets your needs and budget.

3. Your Solar Installer will prepare all the necessary application and other paperwork’s for your financing options, federal and state cash rebates for your solar system.

4. Your Solar Contractor will acquire all the necessary permits and approvals and will install you Solar Electric System.

5. Receive your State cash rebate, keep all your receipts and paperwork for your Federal tax credit at tax time and start making your own clean, solar powered electricity!

We are also accepting Business Applications for Solar.

Consider solar power for business. A solar system has more benefits for you and your business. The incentives for commercial use are more that home systems. Find out what your savings are for your business today!

Arturo Escalante

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